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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Soul Searching

شواطئ الـغربة
2012-03-04, 03:41 PM
When I woke up today,
I decided to do some searching.
That in which I was searching for was my soul.
I will tell you my tale of soul searching.

It started out like any other day,
Then I thought about what to do today.
Then said, "I don’t like who I am. I know I can do better,"
So I began my search for my soul.

I looked left, right, up, and down,
And had found nothing.
So I sat down,
Made a list of qualities to change.

Once I finished,
I, of course, tried to change.
It didn’t work like I had hoped,
All that happened was I made a mess of my room.

I took another look at my list,
Then threw it on the floor.
I lay down on my bed to stare at the ceiling,
"Soul searching is harder than it looks," I said to myself.

As it were I drifted into sleep,
As I slept I dreamt.
I dreamt of all the things I am,
And all the things I wanted to be.

When I awoke again I felt different,
Like something had changed.
I wasn’t sure what to make of this feeling,
So I went with it.
As the day progressed, I noticed what was different.
Not a thing, What good all that searching do?

Well, I learned something about myself,
And that is I am okay with who I am.
If no one else is then they can,
Well you can guess what they can do.

Yes, I have my flaws,
But come on be real, who doesn’t have flaws?
There is not one person on this entire planet that is perfect,
If there is well, I’d like to meet them.

And after they met me,
Let’s just say they’d see just how imperfect they really are.
If were all perfect,
The world would really and truly suck.

Sure there would be good things,
Like world peace, no crime, and nice people.
But think about it,
After a day of that we’d all be bored out of our skulls